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API Reference


A RedCritter "Action" is an event that happens that might trigger Skills, Certs, Badges, and adjust Leaderboard ranks.
AddActionRuntimeTriggers one of the actions that you have created in RedCritter Connecter. This can affect a user's badges, certs, leaderboard standings or skills. If you call AddAction with an action name that doesn't exist, RedCritter will create the action for you. You can configure the action in the RedCritter Connecter portal afterwards.


A RedCritter "Badge" is a mark of achievement, that a RedCritter member has earned by using a RedCritter App.
AwardBadgeRuntimeAwards a RedCritter badge to a RedCritter user or team. This Badge must be configured in RedCritter Connecter before it can be awarded.
HasBadgeRuntimeDetermines if a user or team currently holds a badge.
HasHadBadgeRuntimeDetermines if a user or team has ever been awarded a particular badge in the past.
RevokeBadgeRuntimeRevokes a RedCritter badge from a RedCritter user or team.


A RedCritter "Cert" represents an authentication that a RedCritter member possess a skillset or attended an event.
AwardCertRuntimeAwards a RedCritter certification to a RedCritter user or team. This Cert must be configured in RedCritter Connecter before it can be awarded.
RevokeCertRuntimeRevokes a RedCritter certification from a RedCritter user or team. The same cert can be issued multiple times to the same user or team if it has different expiration dates. The Expiration Date and Cert Name is a unique key. To revoke a cert the CertName and expiration date must match the cert to be revoked.


A RedCritter "Leaderboard" is where you can track progress of RedCritter members who are using a RedCritter App. Leaderboard rank is determined by the amount of action points that a person or team has accumulated.
GetTeamLeaderboardRuntimeRetrieves a RedCritter team leaderboard.
GetUserLeaderboardRuntimeRetrieves a RedCritter user leaderboard.


A RedCritter "Member" is someone who has signed up the using their E-Mail Address.
InviteUserRuntimeInvites a person to join an App Domain within your RedCritter App.


A RedCritter "Notification" is a message that can be sent to one or more members.
SendNotificationRuntimeSend a notification to one or more users. Notifications can appear in a user's feed and on their mobile devices (if they have the RedCritter App installed). Additionally notifications will appear in real-time feeds for the Account, App and AppDomain. Notifications are not sent out to social networks.


A RedCritter "Profile" is the place where a RedCritter member can store information about themselves for others to see.
GetTeamProfileRuntimeRetrieves a RedCritter team profile.
GetUserProfileByAppDomainRuntimeRetrieves a RedCritter user profile.
GetUserProfileByEmailRuntimeGets a user profile (Published items) based on their email address.
GetUserProfileVersionRuntimeRetrieves the version number of various sections of a RedCritter profile.
UpdateAppDomainUserProfileEntityConfigurationUpdates a ProfileEntity (Email) address from an old email to a new email address. This API should be called when the email address for a member changes in your underlying system.


A RedCritter "Reward" is something that a RedCritter member can purchase, using points that are awarded to the member.
AdjustRewardPointsRuntimeAdjusts the RedCritter reward points for a RedCritter user or team within a certain App Domain. Reward points can be spent by a user on reward items that you configure for the App Domain's rewards store.
GetRewardsRuntimeRetrieves the RedCritter rewards for a given App Domain within an App.
PurchaseUserRewardRuntimePurchases a reward from an App Domain's reward store.


A RedCritter "Skill" is a representation of an area of expertise.
AdjustSkillRuntimeAdjusts a RedCritter skill that you have created in RedCritter Connecter. You can add or subtract skill points that will affect the user's skill level.
RemoveSkillRuntimeRemoves a RedCritter skill from a RedCritter user or team.

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