RedCritter Corp., today announced immediate availability of its free Windows Phone 8 app, RedCritter Connecter. RedCritter Connecter for Windows Phone 8 works in conjunction with the RedCritter Connecter platform. RedCritter Connecter is an enterprise gamification platform for employee recognition and rewards that allows companies to enhance their culture and make day-to-day work more engaging and productive. The mobile app allows managers to instantly recognize exemplary employee performance on the spot.

"RedCritter Connecter for Windows Phone is a powerful engagement tool for any manager that wants to use game mechanics to increase employee productivity. With it, managers can simply bump devices with their employees to distribute badges, skill points, certifications and even virtual currency for use in their included rewards store. It is the perfect extension to the automated enterprise gamification deployments in the company." - Erika Lambert, RedCritter COO

The app has built-in support for NFC tags. Managers can charge up any NFC device such as a tag, sticker or business card with badges, certs, skill points or virtual currency simply by bumping their phone to the device. Later when employees tap the device with their own phone they will receive the reward. Uses for this technology include rewarding call center agents on the spot for a job well done, awarding training certificates to attendees at training events or distributing badges to employees during a meeting. The same features are also supported using QR code and device bump.

The RedCritter Connecter Windows Phone 8 App is immediately available for free in the Windows Store. Visit the Windows Phone Store to install it on your Windows Phone 8.