RedCritter Corp., today announced immediate availability of its comprehensive suite of software solutions for PBIS, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports, RedCritter PBIS. This new web based solution is easily deployed and solves difficult PBIS implementation challenges for schools. RedCritter PBIS automates all areas of PBIS including systems, analytics, data and helps drive target PBIS outcomes. RedCritter PBIS streamlines classroom management, collects data at the classroom, school, district and state-levels and provides visual analytics tools for monitoring the PBIS programs at the district level and state-wide.

"PBIS is a fantastic approach, unfortunately there is a bottleneck in implementation that is depriving students of the program's benefits." - said Mike Beaty, RedCritter CEO, "There is a complete lack of capable PBIS software tools. PBIS implementations typically take 3 years or more. Additionally PBIS implementations are awash with burdensome manual forms and spreadsheets which add undue, continuous workloads onto teachers and administrators. RedCritter streamlines classroom management, eliminates manual forms, engages students, and captures behavioral data at a higher frequency which is of tremendous value for data analytics."

Current research shows reinforcing student's positive behaviors helps schools create a safe, respectful learning environment conducive for maximizing student success. Results include lower drop-out rates, less absenteeism and increased parental engagement - all leading to higher levels of student achievement.

With RedCritter PBIS schools at all levels including elementary, middle school, high school and higher education have access to PBIS software tools and solutions that can radically reduce PBIS implementation times, streamline ongoing PBIS administration and provide big data-analytics to ensure that the PBIS program is operating on evidence based results.


RedCritter PBIS is immediately available for classrooms, schools, districts and states seeking to implement and manage PBIS. For full details and pricing please visit