Today RedCritter Corp. announced the availability of the first Microsoft Band app, RedCritter Feed, for education and it is designed to revolutionize parental engagement in the education process. RedCritter Feed for Microsoft Band connects parents with their children’s learning progress by providing at-a-glance notifications on their wrist when their children learn new skills or earn scholastic achievements. It notifies parents when their child earns digital badges, certificates, skill points, virtual currency and even accolades from their teachers throughout the school day.

"A great deal of research has shown that parental engagement directly affects student achievement and results in higher grades, less absenteeism, improved social skills and improved behavior", said Mike Beaty, CEO of RedCritter. "The genius of the solution is that it is totally automatic and unobtrusive. There isn’t anything the teacher or parent needs to do or check. Information flows automatically from the classroom directly to the parent’s band."

RedCritter Feed for Microsoft Band works in conjunction with RedCritter's recognition and rewards service for teachers at RedCritter Teacher allows students to earn recognition from online learning management systems (LMS) based on test or quiz scores as well as directly from a teacher in class. The band app captures these achievements, regardless of source, and notifies parent directly on their wrist.

The band app allows teachers to encourage parental involvement without interrupting the flow of the class since it all happens automatically. Teachers can even issue achievements by voice commands with the integrated Microsoft Windows 10 Cortana support and the information will automatically flow to the student’s parents.

RedCritter Feed for Microsoft Band is included with all free RedCritter profiles and is immediately available from RedCritter.